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Case Study
Old Bancroftians Association
The OBA is the alumnus network of former pupils and staff of Bancrofts Grammar School in Woodford Green. Our Digital Alumnus system is used for this implementation and was chosen as an integrated replacement for the clients two original websites.

Digital Alumnus is flexible enough to fit almost all clients needs and can also be expanded as required to meet your exact requirements, making it unique in the market. This project includes memberships, skills database, contacts, messaging, forum, news and events, online tickets, online documents and email campaigns. All of this is controlled via selected managers from any Internet connected computer.

Ward Decorators
PJ Ward Decorators are a painting and decorating company based in Essex. This project involved the purchase of a suitable domain name, design and development of a new bespoke website and design of a high quality company logo. We worked with the client to select the colours, lettering style and general look and feel of the website.

This project is a classic fit to our Basic Trader package and the only extra design cost was the hand drawn logo work. Multiple pages, image gallery, contact forms and search engine optimisation are all inclusive.

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Digital Ornaments V2
This is the previous design for the Digital Ornaments website. We wanted to present the navigation as actual ornaments in a shop window. However, after searching the local towns we couldn't choose a suitable shopfront and so ended up with a scanned hand drawn sketch. The sketch was then deconstructed and component parts used to present the navigation.

This website is based on our Basic Trader model and shows just how different each website can look and feel, even though it uses the same underlying feature set. Basic trader offers dynamic content, feedback forms, basic database searching and an image gallery.

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FreeBootSale (Original)
The original design for FreeBootSale was based on 'fields and sky' concept and was the first Digital Ornaments design to use a JavaScript drop down menu system. This is now an option in the Basic Trader package along with many other JavaScript features. FreeBootSale also uses a membership database, product search, automatic email, content upload and Geocoded Flash map.

Another example of how a Basic Trader package can help you keep costs down, while still allowing you to add specific features that you require. You can pick and choose from an array of nice features from our standard library, or we can add a unique feature for you.

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FreeBootSale (Restyle)
This is the redesign prototype for FreeBootSale. FreeBootSale requires a membership login system and the ability for members to interact with the website in a number of ways. The website uses UK postcodes to lookup the mapping data via Google Maps. It is based on our Basic Trader model but demonstrates how the model can be expanded with additional features.

The specification for this project was to take the original FreeBootSale website and lighten the colours, provide a more styled interface and introduce added functionality at a modest budget. This is why we have retained the Basic Trader model and added additional features.

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Logolinks was originally designed as a static website in 1998 and has been through two upgrades since. The latest update in 2009 has focussed on the server side, with the introduction of content management and a MySQL database. Content management allows authorised users to update the data in in the database directly through the website. MySQL is an extremely efficient way of storing complex data on the server.

Logolinks still runs using the Basic Trader model and is a good example of how MySQL and content management can be added to any of our website packages. These options do not have to be there from the start, allowing you to grow your feature set at a later date.

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Neopost Intranet
This project involved the creation of an Intranet for Neopost Limited, the UK number one mailroom company. There was no spec for this job so a number of prototypes were sketched up and one design selected to run with. We usually ask clients to provide answers to basic questions in order to build the first prototype design.

The server system runs from our Basic Trader model and provides simple database searches but has been extended to include a forum and other cool features such as weather, share prices and quote of the day. The presentation layer was enhanced with animations created in Macromedia Flash.
Old Buckwellians
The Old Buckwellians Association is the old boys association of Buckhurst Hill County High School. The school had an outstanding reputation in Essex and the UK during it's fifty year existence. This site was developed as an archive of the school history and to allow former pupils to obtain each others contact details.

The site was built using our Basic Trader model which includes the graphic design, multiple pages, image gallery, simple database search and interactive contact forms. The woodgrain effect for the website imagery was inspired by the wooden honours boards which decorated the walls of the assembly hall.
This project involved a complete setup from scratch, including finding a suitable domain name, registration, web design, development and logo design. Bookhaunt was developed as an online book store and was based on our ADVANCED TRADER model.

Our Advanced trader model uses the same professional hosting package as our Digital Alumnus model. Offering increased bandwidth, larger faster databases, e-commerce and online shopping facilities, content management system, mailshots and memberships. Advanced trader packages also include bespoke logo design as well as tailored web design and ongoing support.
Press Parts
Press Parts are a supplier of parts for printing presses and required a new website build for their product range. To maximise return on investment, this website was built using our Basic Trader model with additional features as optional extras. Many sites do not implement payment directly on their website. Instead preferring to receive the order details via email. Our Basic Trader model is ideal for this purpose.

Product information and images can be provided to us on CD for bulk upload and thereafter loaded via the website itself. Image manipulation is just one of many ad-hoc options you can add to your basic package.

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Press Parts (Redesign)
This project involved a site redesign and enhancement to the functionality of the website. The specification required a new look and feel, customer login, product catalogue and shopping cart but did not require payments online. The product catelogue was arranged into categories and featured panels, which could be added to the front page.

A good solution would be an enhanced Basic Trader model. Basic Trader offers simple database search and update as an enhancement. Content management and shopping baskets can also be added as long as payments are not required online. Instead, the system will email the order and customer details to the client and the transaction is completed over the phone.

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