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Never Use Free Web Hosting
So you want to set-up a website and you feel you either do not have the money to buy a domain and pay for hosting or you just think that your venture is a hobby so you may as well find free web hosting, right?

The is one of the biggest mistakes that a new webmaster can make and it certainly is one of the most foolish things to do. Free may save you a pound or two in the short term but seriously, in the long run, it will cost you big time. Free web hosting usually means very cheap in the sense of poor quality. And here are five reasons why you should not choose free web hosting for your website, whether business or hobby.

Reason 1..

1: You have no support agreement
Free web hosts do not provide support. While they may say that technical support is available, basically nothing is their problem. You are generally left to fend for yourself, and of the few that do offer some kind of assistance, it is not in a timely manner.

If you have a friend who is offering to set you up for free. Think about this... How long are they going to support you for nothing! Why would they do that on an ongoing basis and can you rely on them.

Digital Ornaments will never use ANY free third party systems on any website. Everything, including BLOGS, SHOPS, GALLERIES and MESSAGE BOARDS uses our own code on your server.

Reason 2..

2: Availability
Downtime is a serious issue with free hosting companies. There is no reason for them to hurry and get the server live again as they have no legal obligation to you. You are not a customer and you have no contract with them.

A famous example of a free host going down suddenly, never to reappear, losing millions of websites overnight, is Yahoo's GeoCities. Lycos Angelfire, Tripod and many others could disappear overnight without a trace, leaving you without a website. They all offer paid-for alternatives though !!

Don't take the risk, our hosting offers exceptional value for money

Reason 3..

3: Bandwidth
Bandwidth is a measurement of how fast your website can respond and this is critical to your business. Vistors can become impatient after as little as 5 seconds so your website must respond as soon as possible.

With a free host, you will experience times during the day when your site will be running slowly. This is caused by the number of other free websites you share you server with and the popularity of those sites. Bottlenecks can easily appear at any time of the day.

This can damage and destroy your business. Not only will you lose potential sales from downtime or slow loading pages, but you will lose credibility and reputation by having a site that cannot function properly.

Reason 4..

4: Advertising
Free web hosts earn their revenue from advertising. They are not in business to do you any favours and they are not a charity. So basically, you agree to have your website emblazoned with their annoying ads in return for hosting your website.

These ads may run across the top, the side or pop-up anywhere on the screen.. Using a free web hosting service will put many people off and you will lose visitors. The only ads you want on your website are your ads!

Would you buy something from a business that couldn't afford to pay a small rental charge for reliable web hosting?

Reason 5..

5: Capabilities
Free web servers do not offer the capabilities of paid web hosting companies - fact. You may not require a database right now, or a mailing system right now, or even a contact form right now, but these features are always chargeable and you will not have the flexibility to add them later on.

Digital Ornaments offer two levels of hosting, both offer dynamic content via scripting languages and backups right from the start. We arrange one or more unique domain names for you and we can expand our packages to use SQL databases, shopping, online payments, mailing newsletters and much more.

Our Packages...
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